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The Sun Salutation is also known as Syra Namaskar is easy. Yoga sequence mainly practiced in the morning to assist your body, mind, and soul in waking and stepping into a new day with grace and vigor.

As the name implies this sequence is best done in the morning as the sun rises or upon waking thereafter.

A fabulous way to awaken your being, with a gentle routine of sequenced asana and breathwork practice.

Grounding, moving gently into your spine, joints and using your breath to assist you as you move. Remember to keep your core active and listen to the signs your body is giving you. Being mindful during the practice is very important as this creates a body, mind connection and hereby respecting the very vessel that gives you life and the ability to experience life each day.

The Sun Salutation is a Yang (masculine practice) therefore a practice done when we are needing to build strength and stamina for the day ahead a form of motivation and kick start into the day.

Often over the new moon or full moon, we feel a little more withdrawn and in need of some rest, here I have recorded a Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar) for you to practice over these times. Especially good for Women and Teen-girls during their time of menstruation too, where the body is already working extra hard for the body to release one cycle in order to step into the new and where often a gentler practice is needed.

The moon salutation is also a nice practice to do in the afternoon or evening as it is a gentler practice and when holding the postures for longer becomes more of a Yin (feminine practice) too.

Chandra Namaskar sequence is taught in both German and English.

I recommend 2 -3 rounds of either the Sun Salutation or Moon Salutation depending on the time of the month, after being able to manage these comfortably work yourself up to 5 rounds, then 7/8, and then even up to 10/ morning.

You will feel your energy shift, your physical as well as mental state shifting too.

Remember to ground and check into yourself before you begin as well as at the end of class.

And if you miss a day or two always know you can begin again tomorrow.

Love and blessings to you all,

Namaste Nicole

Lovme x

Yoga Self Practice

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